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Darlene Kulig’s paintings are bold and joyous, whimsical and eye-catching. Her work is described as semi-abstracted spirited landscape and each painting is dotted with her signature, effervescent champagne bubbles. Darlene’s artwork focuses on landmarks and landscapes from around the world, each containing her signature style. The paintings featuring her home country, Canada, are reminiscent of a time spent at a lakeside cottage, a hike through an Ontario woodland, the majesty of the mountains in the west, and the beauty of the red sand dunes in the east. They are organic and semi-abstract, but unmistakeable as the Canadian landscape. Her love of the beauty available in the Canadian landscape is clear. What is especially impressive is that she has developed a unique very personal approach that “feels” Canadian.

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About me

Revealing the lifeforce of my subjects

The designer in me loves simple shape and bold colour while the painter in me explores light, rhythm, and personal connection.

Starting Thursday, June (4, 11, 18 & 25) 12.00pm - 2:30pm

Studio Series with Darlene Kulig

Painting: From Reference to Essence explores design elements and colour theory to build the artist’s tool box and offers insights to open the heart of an artist to discover their “essence”. Students will work with drawing tools, thumbnail sketches and acrylic paints. We will reconnect with the divergent thinking of a child. Finding courage to be in the moment and make personal art is a liberating and life changing thing. Each week class will start with a short lecture to better understand design and colour. I will bring something that I am working on to better understand my step by step process.

Each student will have open studio time to work on a painting of their choice. I will bring art books for students to “copy” if they are not ready to start something original. Or students are welcome to bring their own reference or to copy my style.

My new 2023 Calendars from Pomegranate Publishing have arrived! ⁠

Eager to put 2022 behind you and move on to the new year? Drop by the studio to pick one up and say hello. ⁠

Starting Thursday, April 6th, 9:30am - 12:30pm

Spring Adult Workshops

S23APRE Painting: From Reference to Essence

This course explores design elements and colour theory to build the artist’s toolbox and offers insights to open the heart of an artist to discover their “essence”.

Participants will work with drawing tools, thumbnail sketches and acrylic paints.

Each week, class will start with a short lecture to better understand design and colour. Learn directly from me through examples of my step-by-step process.

Sunday, December 11th, 10am - 5pm

Open House

I’m warming up the studio to welcome you in this Winter! Come by and see what I’m up to these days, perhaps pick a puzzle or a paddle for the cottage. Or just stop in to say hello, I would love to see you! And as always, please bring a friend. 

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Virtual Gallery

Find my art in one of the isles of the Art Gallery of Hamilton!



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“It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw.” – Emily Carr

The majestic mountains of Canada’s west coast are an artist’s dream. From the awe-inspiring snow caps of the Rocky Mountains to the icy clear turquoise lakes in beautiful Banff National Park, this scenery is a joy to paint. I have been fortunate to have spent time amongst these rugged soaring peaks painting my interpretation, or what I call Spirited Landscapes, of the astonishing beauty that is Canada’s Rocky Mountains.

I spent some time on Prince Edward Island, and its beauty and charm definitely had an effect on me. I was drawn to the wind-sculpted dunes along the coastal bays, the loveliness of the sunset skies, and the allure of the red soil and sand. The farmhouses dotted across the countryside were the perfect subjects to paint.

My style of painting, along with the way I see and use colour, pair perfectly with the gold and jewel-like hues of autumn. I love trying to capture the prism of colour produced by the changing of the leaves in our Ontario woodlands and lakes.

Winter is my favourite season to paint. Living in Canada, I get to paint a lot of it! I love painting the way the snow blankets the ground like its own thick layer of paint, and how it hangs in perfectly-sculpted mounds amongst the trees. Moonlight reflecting off snow and creating night light is a magical experience.

I love Newfoundland and Labrador and I was lucky to spend time in this beautiful province painting and studying the landscape. In this series of paintings, I tried to capture the joyous spirit of the folk who live there and their deep connection to the land.

I am drawn to the architectural charm of old buildings and homes in small towns. It could be a country lane in Scotland, a little pub row in England, an alleyway in Elora, or a view from the bridge in Dorset. I love to try and capture the essence of place and time in these beautiful spots.

Tondo short for rotundo is simply a round painting. Circles are among the oldest of geometric symbols, and commonly represent unity, wholeness, and infinity. Pythagoras called the circle “monad,” the most perfect of creative forms, without beginning or end, without sides or corners.

Night skies and Northern Lights have always held a fascination for me. The vastness, and beauty, and endless possibilities of all that they represent is present in most of my work. There are endless colours to be found in the sky.

I travelled to Vienna in 2013. My puzzles with Pomegranate Publishing, Gustav’s Cat and Outside Vienna, were inspired by works created during this trip.

I am lucky to have travelled both here in Canada and abroad, and I’m always exploring through an artist’s lens. Here, my spirited landscapes meet the European countryside.  New vistas and views – same big, beautiful sky.

Canoes on small lakes, tugboats heading inland to oceanside towns, or sailboats out for a leisure tour, I can’t resist the siren call to paint boats on the water.

Wide open skies, hay bales at rest in golden fields, and gumweed dancing along the roadsides.  Meadows dotted with wildflowers. This the Canadian Prairies.

This Paddle allows you to go on a journey. When you feel the need to just “be” turn your paddle inward and focus on the energy of the ascending champagne bubble…

Year-round views from breathtaking vistas, snowy mountain peaks, and gorgeous lakes and slopes. It’s like painting from the top of the world.

Did you know that stacking small artwork vertically can lengthen the height of a wall? Or a small piece can display beautifully almost anywhere. Tuck it into an alcove for a surprising dash of colour or nestle it amongst your books on a shelf or side table.

I have been visiting Barbados for over 30 years. I love painting the palms and sandy beaches, the breezy homes and buildings, and the beautiful people who call this small island paradise ‘home’.


Original Commissioned Paintings

Capture the spirit of your special place to bring joy and colour to your every day space.

Commissions - Whistler-Condo - Darlene Kulig
Darlene Kulig - Prairie Storm Gumweed Dance Face Mask

Craig Kulig Memorial Foundation

Darlene's nephew, Craig Kulig, passed away in 2016 at the age of 23 after a brave battle with cancer. When the pandemic hit in 2020, she teamed up with Bring Your Own Mask (BYOM) to feature her artwork on a series of face masks in support of the Foundation Craig's father, Bruce established in his name.

My Shop

Puzzles & More

Pop into the shop to pick up a puzzle or a pillowcase! You'll also find calendars, note cards and face masks, all featuring Darlene's bold and colourful art!

Studio Tours

Individual and small groups are welcome by appointment. Come by to see some of Darlene's new work and talk about all things art. Colour Close Up!

Testimonial - Darlene Kulig
Darlene Kulig
This charming painting is one of my favourite commissions depicting a special honeymoon ballon ride. It was requested by a client as an anniversary gift for his wife. This newlywed couple purchased "Gustav's Cat" after completing the puzzle early in pandemic and became fans of my work. They had never commissioned art and together we made this magical and meaningful work. A cherished memory for me is that we drove out to meet in their lovely Washington home and spent an effervescent evening talking about all things art and science and music!
Testimonial - Darlene Kulig
The piano was purchased by my grandparents for my mother when she turned eight, which will be 97 years ago later this month. I believe my mother would have liked this painting over her piano, as she was quite artistic and loved color. So, this is where it will be in this home. As for me, I love it and am thoroughly enjoying it! I will continue to check your website for other pieces to replace artwork I’ve had for many years and for which the appeal has waned.
Testimonial - Darlene Kulig
I enjoy being surrounded and enveloped by beauty - inside and outside. Thanks Darlene Kulig and my family for this spectacular painting! It truly captures the beauty, the peace, the passion, and the memories of Lac La Biche lake. We and visitors instantly fall in love with “Fly Me To The Moon”!!
Testimonial - Darlene Kulig
The painting arrived in amazing condition and we LOVE it!! Thank you so much for everything— we had an amazing time watching your creative process, and we appreciate all of the work you put in to capturing a place we love with so much joy and light. We’re waiting to hang it on the wall so that we can put it in the perfect spot, but I’ll send pictures as soon as we put it up!
Testimonial - Darlene Kulig
"I first saw Darlene's art at the Kingsway Art Show. I fell in love with one of the pieces but it wasn't quite the right time for me to purchase it. Years later, I reached out to Darlene and, of course, the piece I loved was long gone. However, Darlene let me know that she could make something similar with design ideas customized for me.
Testimonial - Darlene Kulig
It was a fascinating experience to start with an idea, share it with you, and then see that idea emerge on the canvas as a beautiful painting. The result is a work of art that captures one of our most treasured memories in a unique and wonderful way.
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Media & Press

Capture the spirit of your special place to bring joy and colour to your every day space.

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