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Letting Go Paddles - Blog feature - Darlene Kulig

Background on the Letting Go Paddle

Letting Go Paddles Background on Letting Go Paddle... I am very passionate about the Letting Go Paddle story. I read the book Letting Go The Pathway of Surrender and it helped me better understand the "mechanism" to ...

Barbados - News & Media - Header - Darlene Kulig

Beautiful Barbados

My work featuring Barbados Beautiful Barbados! We recently had the pleasure of delivering a St Nicholas Abbey puzzle to the owner Simon Jackson Warren. He was delighted to receive it!⁠⁠ Shop the puzzle ...

Open House - Blog feature - Darlene Kulig

Open House – June 4th 2022

Open HouseJune 4th, 2022I'm opening the studio doors to welcome Summer! Come by and see what I'm up to these days, perhaps pick a puzzle or a paddle for the cottage. Or just stop in ...

My 2022 Wall Calendars are here - Blog feature - Darlene Kulig

Virtual Art Gallery

Art Gallery of Hamilton Virtual Gallery Find my art in one of the isles of the Art Gallery of Hamilton! Visit the Virtual Art Gallery Previous Next

Is there a location whose spirit you wish to capture in your space? Talk to me about a commission.


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