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"Music gives color to the air of the moment." - Karl Lagerfeld

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Letting Go Paddle Mix - DK-Spotify Playlist - Darlene Kulig

Letting Go Paddle Mix

Music is such an important part of my process and I play parts of this playlist when I paint and teach. In the book Faith, Hope and Carnage, Nick Cave believes music is the most transcendent form of art. Perhaps he is on to something!

Alberta Bound - Spotify Playlist - Darlene Kulig

Alberta Bound

Music is integral to the road trip experience. We had this excellent mix to keep us company on the 3,200 km trek to Alberta, made up of a bunch of classics we could sing along to.

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Steve & Emilia - Testimonial - Darlene Kulig

Is there a location whose spirit you wish to capture in your space?