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I love the concept of trading. It gives me the opportunity to connect with other artists and members of my community.

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Steve & Emilia - Testimonial - Darlene Kulig
It was a fascinating experience to start with an idea, share it with you, and then see that idea emerge on the canvas as a beautiful painting. The result is a work of art that captures one of our most treasured memories in a unique and wonderful way.
Steve & Emilia
Thank you so much again for creating such a show piece for our favourite room in our house. Honestly the photo doesn’t do it justice. You must one day come over and see it in person in its space! Thank you again for everything! Take care and stay in touch!
Lisa - Darelene Kulig Testimonial
Lindy - Darlene Kulig Testimonial
I first saw Darlene's art at the Kingsway Art Show. I fell in love with one of the pieces but it wasn't quite the right time for me to purchase it. Years later, I reached out to Darlene and, of course, the piece I loved was long gone. However, Darlene let me know that she could make something similar with design ideas customized for me.

The process was simple. Darlene came to my home to help me select the right size and location for my commission. We discussed my preferred colours and the design elements that I had loved about her other pieces. After settling on the size and general design, Darlene got to work creating various versions by sketch. I was able to select the one that appealed to me most. Then, I was able to watch the entire process unfold on Facebook. Hanging the masterpiece was the best part. The artwork brings me such joy. Everyone who enters my home admires the art as well. And here is the result....
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